We are all born with different body types


We also have different rates of metabolism, different stats in life, different influences, different genes. Our lifestyles are different, our views on what's good food is different, there is going to be a massive difference between the ability of some to control their weight than others.


What we can do for ourselves


Before we even get to try hypnosis or any other kind of intervention we need to get to know what our habits are, what our triggers are, and what kind of foods we crave & why/when. Keep a food diary for a week - be brutally honest with yourselves, that's the only way there are going to be any changes, make a note of what you eat, when you eat, and what quantities.At the end of the week we can add up the approximate calories, nutritional value & work out roughly what you need to eat with your particular lifestyle. If you're unsure of how to go about this I can set you up with the knowledge & personal plan at the initial consultation. I've completed a short nutrition course and have always had an intuition about what's right & wrong to eat by feeling what's going on inside my own body. I'd like to get you to the same place in your own mind.


As the title suggest, it's not just about 'losing' weight, it's about controlling it.


Once it's off there's little point if you're going to relax back into old habits. We'll install new ones. You'll find this easy, because part of the programme will be dealing with underlying issues which may be driving those bad habits, unconscous self-punishment, or just comfort eating. Sometimes if we're lonely then comfort eating seems to make us feel better, but long term will add to the problem because more weight gain reduces our self-esteem even more, we don't want to socialise as we're worried what people might think of us or we fear that we might be rejected, we end up lonlier than ever, which means more comfort eating and it's a bad cycle to get into and a harder one to get out of the deeper we go. The programme will make sure you know that when you've reached your ideal weight then you'll carry on with those good habits because they've now become just that - habits. And as we know already, habits are hard to break, good or bad.


Why hypnotherapy doesn't always work for weight loss


When the client expects to be put into hypnosis & magically change all of their habits without making any contribution to the process, they have to be well motivated to succeed but can't quite do it with willpower alone.. They can self-sabotage if some underlying issues aren't dealt with. Partners, friends and family members can also encourage old habits to return out of jealousy or lack of understanding. A good support network can help massively and if the client lacks this then serious thought needs to be given about how to remain motivated until the new habits become permanent. Self-esteem & confidence boosting as part of the package can help the client get more independence and a voice in how his or her life is run.