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Stress is pressure we feel from events in daily life. It's an ancient defence mechanism that releases adrenaline into our body in preparation for fight or flight & in dangeraous situations is a life saver as it makes us stronger, faster, and able to do what needs to be done without conscious thought. The trouble is in modern times most of the stress we feel comes from pressure of work etc. Because most of us rely on work to pay the bills, to keep a roof over our heads & to feed ourselves, we can be under constant fear of losing our jobs, so losing the ablilty to keep ourselves and our families alive so the old mechanism kicks in as the subconscious mind interprets the situation in the same way.


Adrenaline & Cortisol


Adrenaline is one of the hormones released at the time of need, and once the percieved threat is over then the body stops producing it. Cortisol is produced slightly later by a more complicated process, and can hand around for a lot longer, being at a steady level all the time a person feels pressured. This keeps the body in a state of alert but will eventually exhaust all available energy resources and deplete the feelgood hormones, making the person feel washed out, depressed, and tired. It also reduces libido.




Anxiety sometimes develops after ongoing stressful situations & means that the person always fears the worst, even though it might never happen, although it's far more likely that it will if it's what we focus on - where focus goes energy flows..



How I can help


The situation can be relieved by examining the triggers for the stress & putting them into their proper context. Stategies for dealing with each one can then be worked out. Developing a more postive mindset which can stop ongoing worries about the future can improve performance at work & in other areas so there's no longer a need to worry if we're able to do what needs to be done to achieve our goals in life without burning ourselves out.