The damage may be physical but the pain is always in the mind


That may be an obvious statement but think about what it means. The discomfort seems to come from certain areas in our body that correlate to where the damage is or occurred. The brain actually interprets the amount of damage & the risk to health by movement etc & gives you the impression that the pain is coming from that area, a bit like it gives you the impression that you're feeling something with your fingers when you touch it, but really it's your brain where the sensation is occurring.


The proof


As far back as recorded history, people have used trance states of one sort or another for pain control. Now it's becoming more widely accepted in the western world then patients are having work done at the dentist with no chemical anaesthesia, operations with only hypnosis for relief, and giving birth with only hypnosis to relieve the discomfort. More to come.


So if the pain is in your brain, that makes it a lot easier to control


This is good news and means that whatever is going on physically then the discomfort we seem to feel in our bodies can be partially or totally switched off at the end which makes it happen. Before reducing or removing pain for a client I would want to know that it's been investigated by the medical profession and you've been given the all clear for it to be removed. If it's an old injury that's healed but the subconscious still thinks it has to protect, then that's the kind of scenario when total removal would be ok. In cases where you still need to look after current physical damage that would make it dangerous to not feel it at all then only partial removal would be ethical for your own safety. That level would be similar to the one your doctor has achieved when he first gave you painkillers, before you would have started to build a tolerance to them & so needed more & more for the same effect, risking addiction which is going to be harder to deal with later on top of the original problem.