What is insomnia


Frequently caused by over-thinking, stress, being under pressure so we can't 'switch off' when we should be.

What can be done

Hypnotherapy can help with sleeplessness. Sometimes we have things on our mind which we're not even aware of, running in the background. The trance state can be used to uncover some of these reasons & enable us to tackle them. The subconscious is the part that shuts down the conscious mind when it's time to sleep but can start to get it wrong, we can restore correct timing with hypnosis.

What else can we do


Not drinking coffee late at night, taking breaks from work at regular intervals. Making sure our work-life balance is equal as far as we can. Making sure you have a comfortable sleeping environment, taking a warm bath or avoiding stimulating work before bedtime. Melatonin levels vary wildly between winter & summer months as well as people sometimes wake early when the sun comes up, make sure you have blackout blinds or curtains in the bedroom so you can stay asleep until you have to get up.