What causes IBS?


Where there is no underlying physical problem then it;s thought that Irritable Bowel syndrome is connected to stressful events in our ;lives. And unless we live in teh wilderness with enough money to see out our lives then we're likely to be under some sort of stress most of our working lives at least. Some research studies have suggested that hypnotherapy may help with the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), such as abdominal pain.

These studies don't provide any strong evidence for its effectiveness, but the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has nevertheless recognised hypnotherapy as a possible treatment for IBS in those who haven't responded to other treatments.



People talk about “giving up”. This implies that you’re losing something. Remember that you “gave up” good health when you decided to start. Which is the bigger loss? If you think you might be depriving yourself of something then don’t give up. Think of yourself as a smoker, have a packet of cigs on your mantelpiece. Have one whenever you feel like you’re getting too healthy. Whether you do or not, you haven’t given up, you’ve lost nothing, and if you don’t for a long time, then you have the best of both worlds, you still have the choice, and you start to get your health back.



First of all your smoking habit is just that. You may have heard a million times that nicotine is addictive but that’s a myth that’s been perpetrated mainly for profit, it’s a habit which like any habit has been installed into your subconscious by repetition & like any habit it can be broken.

You’re not a nicotine addict because the real nature of addiction is that withdrawal symptoms are worst when the concentration of a drug in your body falls to its lowest level. If nicotine were a drug then this would be after a nights sleep, and while heroin users usually have to have some first thing in the morning, sometimes before getting out of bed, a smoker can usually get up, have a shower, make breakfast, have a cup of tea and then light up.. You’ll have your own experience of this to draw on so yours may be different, but it’s an average behaviour.

I know what it’s like to believe the hype because I’ve been there myself. I gave up the tailor mades’ many years ago when the price went up, I didn’t like them anyway, they just tasted nasty, like inhaling the stuff that comes out of the chimneys at a Chinese chemical factory, but I liked roll-ups, so I carried on with them for a few years. Rolling then became part of the ritual, and sometimes when I decided consciously not to smoke, I just found myself making one completely on autopilot, you’ve probably experienced that, or taking one out of the packet & lighting it without even thinking. You see your subconscious mind is sneaky, it will ignore your conscious requests & get you to do it anyway when you’re not looking, because it believes that it’s good for you, because it believes all the reasons and excuses that we’ve heard every day of our lives. At some point we let the conscious awareness of all those popular opinions, reasons & excuses used for smoking sink into our unconscious minds & then we regurgitate them on cue when we think we have to justify the insanity of it, there is no other way to describe the way we destroy ourselves and pay to do it.